Tuesday, 8 December 2009


I have finished my 'Spooky Ancestors Book'.
This was a swap done on Paperarts Yahoo Group using images from the talented Itkupilli.
There were 12 involved & we had to make the same number of images. I find it hard repeating, so I made 2 of 12 different pages, so I ended up with a very fat book!
Below is the Slideshow I made of the book.
I'm loving it!



Just finished these 2 pieces.
Can't believe that I am loving making jewellery, must be the great teachers I have learnt from, Ro Bruhn & Jen Crossley.
The 3FLs & 1 are exploring more jewellery techniques.
At the moment we are goinf through Stephanie Lees book 'Semiprecious Salvage".

Whatcha looking at?

Otis wants to know where is summer?

He hates the cold & his owner hates the rain, because this means muddy paw prints through the house!
At least he has his blankie to keep him warm!

Thursday, 26 November 2009


Yesterday, buoyed by my experience with Ro Bruhn, I decided to do something with the etchings I had made previously.

So, I set to, made a few wire nests, sorted through my stash & voila!!, here are my efforts.
Sorry, not great pics, the metal & camera  flash just don't seem to work.

Tuesday, 24 November 2009


Saturday saw Bevlea, Christine T & myself head off to Ro Bruhn's lovely home in the Dandenongs for a jewellery workshop.
We left home in plenty of time, BUT, construction work on the Westgate Freeway led us to go 'round & round' in circles till the Sat Nav finally got us back on track.
Ro is such an easy going person, not phased at all by our tardiness.
She made this experience a breeze.
Lots of encouraging words, help whenever you need it and a calm attitude made this a great experience.
Of course this was helped by the ambience of her home & surrounds & the beautiful  food provided by her husband Steve. I really wanted to take him home with me, but, alas that was not to be!!LOLOL
I am  so pleased with my necklace, have had it on constantly since.
Ro also teaches journal making, hand made paper & stamps  etc....... She is a DELIGHT.


I have just finished my offerings for a '12 days of Christmas' swap on a Yahoo group.
We had to make 12 gifts, wrap them up & add our number(I am 11).
They will be distributed out & each  day for the 12 days before Christmas each member gets to open a gift.
I am number 11, so mine will be opened on the 23rd of December.
I can't post pics of my gifts till after they are opened, but, mine are all different, my brain just does not like making multiples of the same!!
I'm looking forward to seeing what the other girls have made, should be FUN!

Monday, 2 November 2009


After I made the fairy reverse canvas (see in a previous post), I decided that maybe she really needed to stay with me.
So, I made another. I  needed to step out of my comfort zone, and use colours that I rarely do.
So, this one is made using green as the predominant colour.
I used Golden Glass Bead Gel over the outside of the frame and then sprayed lightly with silver to give it a sparkle.
The nest is from my favourite 'E' store, Wednesday Wishes. It is so tiny, but, just perfect for this project.

Saturday, 31 October 2009


Along with Elizabeth, Bevlea & Glenda( 3 Fat Ladies & 1), we have been getting together & creating a book to honour our familes, heritage etc.
We used Jen Crossleys lovely frames for the foundation of each page.
We cut, pasted, talked and sometimes swore our way through this challenge.
Numerous coffees, teas, food etc were consumed along the way.
The back of the book is a reliquary honouring my late Dad.
I am so thrilled with the results!!
Even though most of my family just doesn't 'get it' in relation to my art, my aim is to show this to them on Christmas day, when we are all together.
I'm hoping they will understand it & like it for what it is.
I will always remember  the great times I have had in the creation process with my beautiful, funny, irreverent  friends.
Below is the slideshow, let me know what you think, OK?

Sunday, 18 October 2009


Now Fairies are not really 'my thing', but I decided to join in a 'reverse fairy canvas' swap on Paperarts Yahoo Group. I made this one for me, because I had purchased these little gates a long time ago, loved them, but, never had the chance to use them.
The decorations on top & the wings were made with great moulds I purchased from my favourite E Store, Wednesday Wishes.
I like the result, let me know what you think.

Sunday, 11 October 2009


DH & I went to the Camberwell Market today.
Weather started off cool, then turned into a lovely sunny day.
I spent about $20 on these treasures, old folding ruler, 2 old tobacco/cigarette tins, old mini spirit level, some old metal 'things' old glass chandelier bits,tiny old padloock & my favourite, a cork topped glass vial of Hansens Junket Tablets!!
Love all my treasures, though DH thinks its just junk!

Thursday, 1 October 2009


Finally, my 'Medieval, Gothic, Religious' City Scapes project is finished.
A departure from my usual 'Vintage' style, but, I am loving the change of direction in my arty attempts.
Slideshow below.


Wednesday, 23 September 2009


I joined in a swap on Paperarts Yahoo Group called SPOOKY ANCESTORS. We had to create 12 pages using ITKUPILLI images. I love these collage sheets, they are so much fun!The pages are 6" X 4" and when finished we will bind our own into a very SPOOKY family album.

I decided to make all my pages different, as I struggle trying to make so many pages all the same. I'm really looking forward to getting all the swapped pages back.

Below is a Slideshow I made of all my pages. Let me know what you think.


Tuesday, 8 September 2009


I have done the challenge set by Barb & Bevlea on their blog 2cre8art.

This is an easy peasy way to create something with alcohol inks.
I made a card & an ATC.

I like the results, because I like anything that is relatively easy!!
Thanks Bevlea & Barb.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009


I am involved in a Collections Box Swap on artyoz.
When I signed up, I didn't know that the boxes were really small, and I don't like small!! Anyway, I have finished mine & it is on its way to Nikki.

I received these two little beauties from Gail. Aren't they great, I especially love the teeny tiny bottle. Thanks Gail.

Monday, 31 August 2009

New 'E' store!!

Two great Australian girls, Maxine & Audrey have opened up a brand new 'E' store called Wednesday Wishes. I have placed my first order & am eagerly waiting my goodies.

They have a great selection of Creative Kits, art moulds, die cuts & much more. Go take a look!

Thursday, 27 August 2009


Made this today, quite a departure fom my usual style. I do however like the darkness of this piece. I think it apt that I try something different.

Let me know what you think.

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Just finished making this piece, using Collections products, paints, Impasto Medium, masks etc.

It will be in the post tomorrow, travelling a loooooooong way away to someone who has been rather ill lately, but, who is slowly on the mend.

Hopefully, she(who shall remain a secret), will like it.

Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Today, our darling, nearly 16 year old doggie, Olivia, went to doggy heaven.

I cannot write in words how much we love her. So, farewell our beautiful girl.

We will always love you.

Sunday, 9 August 2009


I love Collections Products & when the new 'stuff' was released, I bought heaps.
Mostly, I hoard, but, I decided it was about time to start creating.

I have been browsing a few blogs & saw some amazing art, then, last week, I went to 'The Scrapbook Scene' here in Melbourne and saw a great little piece of art made by the owner Janet.

So,using her art for inspiration, I made this piece. The back is a Collections transparency, as is the frame, the dress form & wings. I painted the frame & the dress form with Goldens Micaceous Iron Oxide, then rubbed over it with some silver lustre rub ons. I painted the wings with some silver paint, then stamped over everything & embossed.

I really like this, now, to give it to a special friend of mine!

Friday, 7 August 2009


Here are 2 more pages from the City scapes book.
Not great scans.(Reminder to myself:"Need a new printer/scanner!") Doesn't really show the transparency background on the first one, but, it's OK.

City Scapes Book Update

Have nearly finished my City Scapes Book in the Gothic, Mediaeval, Religious theme, so alien to me at first.
I had some help with words from Bevlea, and, found that once I got 'into' the theme, it came along really easy.
Would love some comments!


I have been challenged by Barb.
I have to go to the 4th folder in my photos & upload the fourth photo to my blog.
So the pic here is an ATC I made for a swap on Paperarts Yahoo group.
The photo is a picture of my Dad, Neville, when he was in his early twenties.
My father died nearly 30 years ago & I don't have many pictures of him at all, so I treasure this photo.
The last words say it all!
The next part of the challenge is to pass it on to four other bloggers.
So here goes:
& Jen:http://www.amarkintime.blogspot.com/
Lets see if these bloggers take up the challenge.

Monday, 20 July 2009


Together with my friends Bevlea, Elizabeth and Glenda we have been getting together some Mondays and working on a project.
Last week we started on a City Scapes book, each doing different themes.
I decided on something totally different to what I usually create, doing a sort of Gothic religious theme.
I am having problems with this, but, after Bevlea & I spoke on the phone this morning, she dared both of us to do 2 pages & post them to our blogs by the end of the day.
I am not totally happy with my pages, may add something more, may not.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Katie Scarlett

Can Katie Scarlett contact me please.
I read your comment on my blog & would be happy to send you the image you like, just don't have an email address for you.

Monday, 6 July 2009


Yesterday Bevlea, Eva & I headed up to chilly Ballarat, where the famed Wendouree lake is DRY, to take a class with the amazingly talented Jenn Crossley.
I have lusted after this great vintage style necklace with tin type photo for a long time.
We all had a great time, lots of talking, yummy food & we learnt so much from Jenn, who is an ever so patient teacher.
I LOVE my necklace!!!

Cards, Cards, Cards!!!

A few weeks ago I went to my first ever Stamp Camp run by Monika from Beachouse Boulevard.
I went with Bevlea and had a lovely time.
Met up with some old friends & made some new ones too.
Rachel Greig was out tutor & I made some cards!! Exciting for me, 'cos I have only ever made 2 before.
I find it tedious to measure stuff!!
Anyway, I made 6 cards, pictured here, and had a lovely relaxing weekend.

Friday, 5 June 2009

Arty Day

A few weeks ago I had a great Arty Day with Bevlea & Elizabeth.
We have been working our way through Kelly Rae Robets book, Taking Flight.
We made the journal, complete with 6 pages and covers. Really enjoyed the day, but, have to thank Bevlea for painting my face in, as I absolutely hate painting faces!

My Steampunk Attempt

After seeing the great Steampunk art by Ramona Szczerba in May/Junes Somerset Studio, I was really curious to see if I could come up with something.
I really couldn't think of anything original, so follwed the artists lead and this is what I created.
I don't think I fully understand the concept of Steampunk, but, would love to try some more.

Monday, 11 May 2009


Thank you to those who posted comments on my last post.
Its always gratifying to receive feedback, good or not so good.
Hugs Lucy

Thursday, 7 May 2009


At the CREATIVE SOUL RETREAT we had a "Little Houses" swap.
I, of course, didn't make the correct amount(must remember to read all the messages!), but received some wonderful little works of art.
I have been pondering how to display so many. Thought I would paint a naive type painting to display them, but, didn't know how to go about it.
Lunching with Bevlea & Eva, I discussed my plans. Bevlea said she had seen a you tube video by an artist named Karyn Gartel that might be appropriate.
So, sfter seeing her video, I decided to try my own little village scene.
I have to say that I am NO painter, but, decided to give it a go.
I am reasonably pleased with the result, though bright colours are not really my style.
Of course I showed my DH, who wanted to know why the houses were crooked!
I put him straight that to sit on the hills they couldn't be completely upright.
He thinks I'm crazy(which is probably correct!), but he thought my idea was OK.
Any comments, positive or negative, would be appreciated.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009


I have been reading Annes blog for a long time, drooling over her wonderful art!
Well, she is having a mini give away of her beautiful little bottles, ending Wednesday evening (French time).
So, hop on over to her blog & enter.
You will see all her great art, but, hopefully, the give away will be winging its way to MY home soon!!

Monday, 27 April 2009

3rd in a row!!

Yay, 3rd post in a row!!
During the Creative Soul retreat, I hosted Bernie Berlin in my home.
Bernie is such a sweetie, working to save dogs & cats from death & also slaving away tirelessly to close down those abhorent puppy mills.

I did a class with Bernie making resist backgrounds.
My first efforts were abyssmal, but, I persisted, using a differnt stamp pad & the results are really great.

I really loved Bernies class "Secrets of the Burnt & Bound", but didn't get to take it, so, again Eliza gave Bevlea & I a lesson.
Normally, I am not 'into' dark, but, absolutely love the results.
I have to say that LOTS of glue was used here, I'm still trying to clean it off my hands!!

New 'DJ' type journal

At the wonderful Creative Soul Retreat, DJ Pettit taught her journal class.
Unfortunately, I was too busy helping Bevlea to attend.
So a few weeks ago, Bevlea & I went to Eliza's home where she taught us how to make the complete journal.
Making the covers was really interesting, using lots of masks, gel medium, netting etc. etc.
Then after drying, we painted & painted, the results are just great!!
Eliza helped with the sewing of the pages & I just love the results.
I want to thank Eliza from the bottom of my heart for imparting her knowledge from the class & allowing us the use of her home,coffee, paints, coffee, gels, coffee
etc. etc. etc.
Let me know what you think.

I'm here!

I have been very slack posting to my blog, but, decided I would upload some pics of some altered spoons I have done for a swap.
My original idea for this swap went out the window when I couldn't solder properly, and time was fast approaching when I had to come up with some results.
So, used some alcohol inks, pics and beads.
I'm rather pleased with the results, hope the recipient likes them!

Sunday, 22 March 2009

Retreat is over!

The long awaited, highly anticipated & most wonderful Creative Soul Retreat is finished.
I had the most enjoyable, exhilerating & exhausting time of my life.
Bevlea ran the retreat very professionally with Eva & myself as her willing helpers.
Our tutors, DJ Pettit, Stephanie Lee and Bernie Berlin were all AMAZING!!
I was lucky to have Bernie stay at my home and it was a pleasure as she is so easy going & loves doggies(like me). Also, spent time after the retreat with all 3 tutors and they are just so down to earth.
I didn't get a lot of art done at the retreat, but, managed to do a DJ Pettit inspired collage with fabric(alien to me).
Now, its less than 12 months till the next retreat!!!!