Thursday, 25 November 2010


             A few weeks ago, Bevlea, Glenda, Caro and I had a Play Day.         

 We had a free 'E' Cloth, Paper Scissors book & decided we would make the house project.

 Started off cutting board, adding papers then Bevlea sewed them together.  Added the roof & a button to hold the house together.     Enjoyed the process & the laughs!!!      

Thursday, 11 November 2010


This morning, OTIS, "THE POSTIE HATING WONDER DOG", alerted me to the mail.
Went out to get it & along with a few bills was a small padded bag.
Now, I didn't think I had ordered anything online, but, thought maybe I had forgotten a purchase(an easy thing to do as one ages!).
Then, I saw the return addy & realized it was from Sarah Fawcett (Saimba).
I opened it and inside was the most gorgeous little hand made book.
Looking through the little key hole on the front I could see 'Alice" & inside all the pages are "Alice in Wonderland" themed.
Also wrapped around the book were some Alice themed charms, tea pot, cup & saucer, clock, rabbit etc.
Then, I read Sarahs card...............
She sent this to me because I am always so nice about her creations & she wanted me to know that she really apprciates my comments.

Well Sarah, it is easy to positively comment on your art because you are highly talented with a beautiful spirit.
A woman with a gift for art & a gentle soul.
THANK YOU Sarah, I will treasure this gift forever!!
Hugs Lucy

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Am into the swing of this tag & envelope swap on Arty Oz Group!
This one is for Micky whose theme was 'Industrial, Green & Rustic"
I used lots of cogs, some steampunk images,  an old tape measure & some great paint provided by my friend Bevlea.

The one below is for Ruth whose theme 'Tones of brown with some chipboard pieces, overall theme 'elegant'.
At the moment this is missing in transit thanks to Australia Post, hopefully it will make its destination sooner rather than later!