Sunday, 25 April 2010


At the Creative Soul Retreat I met a lovely fellow artist who cheered me up when I was down.
This person, who shall remain nameless at the moment, probably doesn't even know the effect she had on me.
So, I made this canvas using paint & stencils, tiny little (pretend) bird eggs & some coconut fibre for a nest.
This piece will be winging its way to its new owner tomorrow.
I hope she likes it.

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

House Bezel

One of my favourite blogs to visit is 'A Mark In Time', featuring the amazing work by the very talented Jen Crossley.
A little while ago, I saw her wonderul bezels & thought, maybe I could make one.
Well, after lots of cutting, measuring(not my strong point!), soldering, glueing, 'Iceing" etc. I made a little house bezel.
I am really pleased with the result & got Jens permission to post a pic, after I confessed to her that I had stolen her idea.
Jen was very supportive,as is her wonderful nature.
Jen is the only Australian authorized agent for the wonderful 'Ice Resin', which is easy to work with & dries so completely clear, it looks like glass.
So, here it is. Let me know what you think.

Friday, 2 April 2010


A few months ago I made some bezels with the help of Elizabeth aka Queen of Toys.
They turned out to be realively easy to make.
I filled them with some watch bits, a picture of my sisters doggy Mimmie, who recently passed away & some little metal eggs, which Margaret  had shown us a few weeks before this when she came to Melbourne for a short break.
I filled them with Ice Resin(LOVE THIS STUFF!) and think they turned out OK.


After the Creative Soul Retreat, Bevlea (the Retreat Mastermind), Eva & I got together to talk over the retreat & to make some art.
Bevlea had purchased some unusual bezels from Susan lenart Kazmer. We played around with images, transparencies, glitter & doo dads & eventually filled them with the wonderful ICE RESIN, available in Australia through Jen Crossley who is the Sole Authorized Australian distributor.
This Ice Resin is great. Dries so clear it looks like glass.
Here is my effort.


Creative Soul Retreat is over and the entire event was WONDERFUL!!!
The tutors, Jan Harris, Laurie Mika & Susan Lenart Kazmer all bought their own magic & expertise to impart to the students.
Susan & Laurie bought along their wonderful sisters, Leslie & Cherie,who were a delight.
Also teaching were Judy Wilkenfeld, Ro Bruhn, Jen Crossley & Kelsey O'Mullane.
I managed to do 3 classes & had a ball!

Judy taught her class 'Just in Case'. We made a bound book using a method I have never tried before & the results were great!
She talked us through her own book & the symbolism of the stories attached to each page.
The class listened intently &, I have to say, I shed a few tears.
I haven't done much work on it yet, as I have yet to decide the subject.

Then I did an evening class on making a stamp,with the delightul Ro Bruhn. I have NEVER tried this before, but, with Ro's gentle manner & easy going nature, it was a breeze! Thanks Ro.
This is a picture of my first ever stamp!
I know it looks messy, but it WORKS!!!

The I did a day long class with the effervescent Laurie Mika.
Believe me, it is hard work conditioning  the clay! This was a class full of fun. Laurie is so patient especially with a clutz like me!
The results were fab, loved every minute of it!

All the feedback from the other classes was so positive.
Bevlea & Eva, you did a great job!
Bringing International tutors to this far away land of Australia is a feat in itself, but the results speak for themselves.
ROLL ON 2011!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!