Wednesday, 12 June 2013



This is my first post for WOYWW.
I have wanted to do this for a while. Just had to summon up the courage to expose my very messy work desk.
My name is Lucy &; I live in Melbourne Australia.
I love making art, love the colours red &; white(as seen in things on my desk), and just enjoy life!

At the moment I am working on a travel journal.
My BFF(Best Forever Friend) & I take off every 2 months for 3 fun filled days of arting, sight seeing, lattes, 
photography, food & whatever comes our way.

So, we have been  working on an arty travel journal, adding photos we take at every place.

OK, thats all for now. If you read this, please leave me a comment, I will be chuffed!
Hugs Lucy

Friday, 7 June 2013

Studio Makeover

Last December, Bevlea and I took a visit to Wagga Wagga to visit the demented diva Barb Thomas and help  put together her new studio, that had been built over her new garage.  Over three days.. .we emptied her very, very, very, full front room studio, and carried the goods upstairs (all seventeen of them) many, many times and deposited it on the ever disappearing floor of the new room for her to put away.

At the end of our three day visit.... the front room was still 80% full and the studio upstairs.. while stunning... looked very full too.  We drove back to melb... probably the longest time we had sat in three days... talking about our visit ..and inspired to make over mine.

Bevlea and I talked about it all the way home, all  FIVE HOURS of the drive (while relishing our seated position) so that, by the time time I got home I had the studio all planned.  Much to the angst of my hubbie.. it took many, many trips to Masters (and that's the ones he knows about) for it to come together.

I have always loved red so that was the colour I chose.  Lots of white and red. My old room had a large corner desk, and lots of brown bookcases.  Lots of stuff had to go.  (Picture hubby sobbing while he calls his therapist)

The "Before"
We purchased white cube bookcases in various configurations from Masters and lots of red fabric baskets to go in them. (hubby felt we should have got a wholesale discount)

Lots of cubes... boxes.. and all my pretties from various swaps now have a lovely new home

Corner desk is gone.. and replaced with folding table.... the drawers at end of table were raw MDF that have been painted white and covered with paper that my engineer hubby designed and printed on a laser printer for me (where are all the red and white striped paper when you want them... thankyou hubby coming to the rescue)

Bevlea found these glass apothecary jars in a shop near her.... I bought several in all three sizes and they how hold my Finnabair bits and bobs.. buttons, and lots of other loot that was hidden in boxes

Little wooden house ... I painted it white and it is home to the trinkets I brought back from London, Paris, Italy and Ireland ... Glass pen is from the Murano Glass Factory in Venice....

Birdhouses from several swaps... love any swap with houses or birds

Pride of place on my desk is my Ikea 'snudda'.  Bevlea saw this on Pinterest and we both liked it so much we made one each.  It holds lots of stuff handy to where I work, and looks neat and arty at the same time.  

My peg board of pin dolls... from my time as a cloth doll maker and the swaps I did with them.... 

love my new studio.. and have been much more creative since I completed it.... would love to have your feedback.... and Barb Thomas.... WHERE ARE YOUR PICTURES!!!!!!!!!

Classes with the wonderful Finnabair

A few months ago, Bevlea, Glenda & myself were lucky to attend 2 workshops with Anna Dabrowska, or Finn as she is better known. They were held at Scrappy Hollow, where the girls there went" above & beyond", to make sure everyone had a fabulous time.

We learnt to 'Turn off the brain and turn on the hands'... don't think.. just work intuitively Our morning class was a 12x12 page where we layered and layered and sprayed and sprayed and layered some more... using scrapbook paper, dylusions, stamps, flowers, Finns special metal bits, lace and paints.

My morning class featuring my dear old mum when she was 17 (now 93!)

Afternoon class was a reversed canvas that we painted, added a 3D carousel horse (Finns own design) to.. added more metal elements, lace, flowers, sprayed, used Luminarte Silk Acrylics and generally had a ball.

Afternoon reverse canvas 

The goodie bags on our tables for both classes were amazing with lots of wonderful bits and bobs and a large Kaisercraft drink container for each class...