Tuesday, 28 April 2009


I have been reading Annes blog for a long time, drooling over her wonderful art!
Well, she is having a mini give away of her beautiful little bottles, ending Wednesday evening (French time).
So, hop on over to her blog & enter.
You will see all her great art, but, hopefully, the give away will be winging its way to MY home soon!!

Monday, 27 April 2009

3rd in a row!!

Yay, 3rd post in a row!!
During the Creative Soul retreat, I hosted Bernie Berlin in my home.
Bernie is such a sweetie, working to save dogs & cats from death & also slaving away tirelessly to close down those abhorent puppy mills.

I did a class with Bernie making resist backgrounds.
My first efforts were abyssmal, but, I persisted, using a differnt stamp pad & the results are really great.

I really loved Bernies class "Secrets of the Burnt & Bound", but didn't get to take it, so, again Eliza gave Bevlea & I a lesson.
Normally, I am not 'into' dark, but, absolutely love the results.
I have to say that LOTS of glue was used here, I'm still trying to clean it off my hands!!

New 'DJ' type journal

At the wonderful Creative Soul Retreat, DJ Pettit taught her journal class.
Unfortunately, I was too busy helping Bevlea to attend.
So a few weeks ago, Bevlea & I went to Eliza's home where she taught us how to make the complete journal.
Making the covers was really interesting, using lots of masks, gel medium, netting etc. etc.
Then after drying, we painted & painted, the results are just great!!
Eliza helped with the sewing of the pages & I just love the results.
I want to thank Eliza from the bottom of my heart for imparting her knowledge from the class & allowing us the use of her home,coffee, paints, coffee, gels, coffee
etc. etc. etc.
Let me know what you think.

I'm here!

I have been very slack posting to my blog, but, decided I would upload some pics of some altered spoons I have done for a swap.
My original idea for this swap went out the window when I couldn't solder properly, and time was fast approaching when I had to come up with some results.
So, used some alcohol inks, pics and beads.
I'm rather pleased with the results, hope the recipient likes them!