Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Precious Metal Clay

A few weeks ago, Bevlea, Glenda & I travelled to Healesville to have a lesson in using PMC. We went to The Whimsical Bead, run by Dani.
She has the most fabulous studio, sigh.......(jealousy here!)
Anyway, Dani is a great teacher & we all ended up making a pair of earrings & some little hearts to use on a bracelet.
So, now I know PMC is not too difficult to use, if a tad expensive.
Let me know what you think.

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Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Today I finished an etched metal covered book that I started AGES ago!
Armed with information & guidance from Jan Harris & Bevlea, I finally know how to bind a book, YEAH!!

I added lots of beads etc to the binding & I LOVE it!
Had problems photographing this, but eventually put it inside an old gramophone horn & it is now presentable. The last one I made, I gave to my friend Barb, but, methinks I may keep this for moi!!

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Monday, 17 October 2011


Second day with Jan saw us exploring with wax. Now, I have never had any luck with wax before, but, except creating a massive mess, but, once again, Jan makes it so easy.
She has endless ways to use wax, even setting it on fire,to blend the wax & colours.
Here is my effort.

Not the greatest pic, but, I had fun & judging by the marvellous art from everyone, I know they learnt so much & had fun too!
I do hope I get to see Jan again, such a lovely person!!!

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A few weeks ago, I attended 2 classes with Jan Harris from the USA.
Jan is a fabulous instructor, with a wealth of knowledge.
Her quiet demeanor immediately makes you feel comfortable, no pressure and raring to learn.
The first day was making two journals. Jan provided the most wonderful supplies, including paper to die for.

Here are mine....

I am so proud, even learnt how to stitch them together properly!!
Please let me know what you think.
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Tuesday, 20 September 2011


On Friday Bevlea & I together with Bevleas doggie, Maggie, headed off to Ocean Grove for another long weekend of art, sightseeing, photo opportunities, talking, laughing,eating, drinking etc. etc......
Ocean Grove is a lovely little seaside town, with great coastal views.
Bevlea got some great photos. The one below was taken at Barwon Heads surf beach where there were so many of these amazing kite surfers.

One of them saw Bevlea with all her photo gear and really played up for the camera, rolling, maneuvering, dipping up & down, waving, smiling etc, such a show off!! They were a sight to behold though, free as a bird!

Bevlea took heaps of photos, even made me drive up a very bumpy single lane road to take photos of Canola fields!
Amidst all the sightseeing, lattes, shopping & click click click of Bevleas camera, we did make some art.

This is a name plate for my desk, in Steampunk style.
I really like the way mine turned out, even my DH was impressed!
All in another wonderful get away, can't wait till the next one!
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Friday, 12 August 2011


I found an an Australian online store: www.scrap
They have some great goodies, really good prices, so placed an order on Tuesday.
As I live in Melbourne, thought I may get delivery in 7 plus days.
To my delight it arrived Thursday. No affiliation, just a really good Australian, with delicious goodies & great prices!
Here's a pic of my loot!

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Tuesday, 19 July 2011


Here is a pic of our boy Otis. He is 3 years old, cheeky, adorable, funny and the light of our lives!

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Wednesday, 13 July 2011


After Bevlea & I went to Queenscliff we did a workshop with Julie from 'Collections".
 She has bought out this small Printers Tray & it is so cute.
We worked on this for about 4 hours & each person who attended at Scraptivate took home a finished tray.
Isn't it lovely??

Wednesday, 25 May 2011


After our last long weekend away to Lakes Entrance,
Bevlea & I decided that this should happen more often.
So, this time we headed off on Friday to beautiful Queenscliff.
This is one of my favourite places to visit.
Lots to see & do, loads of beautiful buildings, wonderful
shopping & food.
We booked into a little cottage, was clean & comfy,
but reminiscent of great Grandmas house!!
We cranked up the heating & started to Art!!
First we made a Fork In The Road journal. Have to say
that the instructions were a tad difficult, but, after lots
 of procrastination, we sorted it out.
Mine will have more stuff added soon, lots of 'bits & pieces' I kept from my Europe trip.
It has a fold out book on the left side & the box with all the Countries opens up!!

Saturday morning we went to the Queensliff Day Spa for a one hour massage.
I was so scared doing this as I had a rotten experience with a massage when I went to Thailand.
This was totally different, so soothing, so relaxing(I'm sure Bevlea nodded off a few times!)
We took the ferry to Sorrento, spent time looking at the shops etc, &  had a lovely lunch.
We then worked on our next project which was a Configuration box by Tim Holtz.
I took the 'dark' road, and just love the way it turned out.

The days went too fast, and on Monday we drove home via Barwon Heads for brunch,. We stopped  along the way for Bevlea to take photos(what else!) and now we can't wait for our September trip to Ocean Grove!!

Saturday, 30 April 2011


I have been experimenting with some new
From left to right:
Made the bezel myself & added a lovely cast angel
along with some mica powders to give it some colour.
Second is a tin type photo covered with dimensional
magic, a brass 'thingie' & a chandelier piece with the word 'ART' behind it.
Third is my interpretation of one of Stephanie Lees
creation from her book, a 'Bundled Silk Pin'.
Fourth is my own featuring a 2 birds and nest on a branch with a few extras on the chain.
Last is a bezel I made myself with some French paper, an Eiffel Tower & a few little silver roses.
What do you think??

Wednesday, 27 April 2011


Last week, Bevlea, Glenda, Caro(no blog) & I got together at Caros to make an etched metal book.
Bevlea had stamped the metal with the Tim Holtz Book stamp & then we etched. Amazing this time with no spills!!
We then made plaster pages for the book, making a lot of mess along the way.
Last week Bevlea & I got together to assemble ours, but, immediately ran into trouble with the plaster pages, so ditched them, and decided to use art paper instead, using coptic stitching.
Then we added some bits & bobs to the side & 'VOILA' a new book!
I am thrilled with the result, though, I may have gone a tad overboard with the decorations!!!!
May use the book as a small journal to record our exploits,  when Bevlea & I head off for another long arty weekend at Queenscliff!!

Tuesday, 5 April 2011


A month or so ago, Bevlea & I ventured up to the lovely town of Wagga Wagga
 to see our dear friend Barb.
We had a wonderful time, albeit brief,
did lots of talking, some shopping, more talking, eating,
more talking, drinking, more talking & some art.
We all worked on making a canvas each & we all
 contributed to one for Glenda, who couldn't make the trip.
The time in Wagga Wagga was too short, hoping
next time we can stay longer.
Here is my result, let me know what you think.

Friday, 1 April 2011


A few weeks ago Bevlea & I got together to make a necklace.

We had purchased the gorgeous bezel from Jen Crossleys Website.
We cut paper to fill it, of course, mine is Paris themed, Bevleas was themed The Royal Progress!

 We were going to fill it with Ice Resin, but, that plan fell through,
so we used Dimensional Magic & some Crackle.
We fiddled & fluffed around, adding chandelier crystals, the lovely sinker
is also from Jens shop & the little chairs that I had bought.
I call them "The Queens Thrones"!!
This is in honour of The Queen of Arts Retreat in 2012.
I am really proud of this necklace, it has hardly left my neck !!

Friday, 11 March 2011


Last month Bevlea & I took a 3 night break to Lakes Entrance. Looking forward to good weather we took off down the highway with high hopes.
Stopped at Officer for a coffee when it started to rain.
We got back in the car & it rained, no it was not just rain, it was a DELUGE all the way to Lakes.
Went to the Bairnsdale  cemetery so we could take a pic of my husbands parents grave, as he has not been back to the area since his beautiful Dad passed away 9 years ago.
We booked in  to our cabin, had a look around the town & settled in for an arty/sightseeing time.
I don't think I have ever laughed, relaxed, drank so much in a long time.
We did make some art, but, didn't pack enough supplies(something we have under control for our next get away).
We started a canvas, put some texture paste on it, then realized we had no heat gun to dry it.
Well, this didn't stop us, Bevlea put on our little stove/grill and CAREFULLY we 'baked' both canvas's. Mine is pictured here.
We went on a cruise to beautiful Metung where we had lunch. The lakes system is huge & the bird life was AMAZING.
Never seen soooo many black swans, pelicans, etc. etc.
Of course Bevlea took heaps of photos. We also went to the Buchan caves. We did the tour of The Fairy Cave', amazing, though not good if you have a bad back, legs etc. as it was hard going!
I did all the driving, but, every few k's, Bevlea would say 'stop the car!', which I did, and she would jump out and photograph stuff, like old houses, fallen down old sheds,etc  even stopped to photograph 3 cows! I mean to say, has the girl never seen a cow before!!(I will NEVER understand photographers!)
All in all, a fabulous break and can't wait till the next one to Queenscliff.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

IT TOOK.............

It took this
to make these!!

Usually I am a neat & tidy person, but, my standards are slipping.
I rarely make ATCs, but, decided to make one for the Paperarts Yahoo group WTA monthly draw.
I can't believe I made so much mess, but, at least I have a few made in advance!!!
Now, off to clean the studio!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, 10 February 2011


These are my last 3 Tags & Envelopes for the swap on Arty Oz Yahoo Group.

The first is for Greta, who wanted Collections products with cream, sepia. brown, black & turquoise.

   The second is for Donna who wanted Birds/Bird Houses with rustic & egg shell blue tones.

                                                                                     The last is for Genevieve who wanted Flourishes in 
                                                                                     Tim Holtz distress inks colours.

Monday, 10 January 2011


We had a Christmas 1 4 1 swap on Arty Oz Yahoo group, and this is what I made for Greta.
The first is using mostly Collections products in a shadow box I made myself, with a little bit of difficulty as measuring is not my speciality.
The second is an etched metal pendant which I included in case she didn't like my Collection box.