Sunday, 9 August 2009


I love Collections Products & when the new 'stuff' was released, I bought heaps.
Mostly, I hoard, but, I decided it was about time to start creating.

I have been browsing a few blogs & saw some amazing art, then, last week, I went to 'The Scrapbook Scene' here in Melbourne and saw a great little piece of art made by the owner Janet.

So,using her art for inspiration, I made this piece. The back is a Collections transparency, as is the frame, the dress form & wings. I painted the frame & the dress form with Goldens Micaceous Iron Oxide, then rubbed over it with some silver lustre rub ons. I painted the wings with some silver paint, then stamped over everything & embossed.

I really like this, now, to give it to a special friend of mine!


kelsey said...

I'm also rather partial to Julie's Collections stuff! This is beautiful Lucy and I can just imagine how good that Micaceous Iron Oxide looks...and feels!!! (gritty stuff that it is!)

Jen Crossley said...

This looks beautiful Lucy

Glenda said...

Hey Lucy
This is great I love it, that Micaceous Iron oxide is addictive,isn't it, as is the Black Mica flakes!!!

Beckie Holso said...

Soooo pretty! I really like Collections stuff too but it's way too costly to ship to the States. Love your little creation =)

Queen Of Toys said...

Well thank you so much Lucy for the wonderful and beautiful surprise that i received from you today. I have this little beauty in my hot hands and it is a real treasure. Thanks for the gift I love it and yes the Micaaceous Iron Oxide is fantastic stuff.

Hugs Elizabeth

Margaret Weiss said...

Hi Lucy, thanks for stopping by and leaving your lovely message on my blog. I love your little collections piece. I have bought some Micaceous Iron Oxide now after seeing your lovely work. xxmargaret w.