Monday, 27 April 2009

3rd in a row!!

Yay, 3rd post in a row!!
During the Creative Soul retreat, I hosted Bernie Berlin in my home.
Bernie is such a sweetie, working to save dogs & cats from death & also slaving away tirelessly to close down those abhorent puppy mills.

I did a class with Bernie making resist backgrounds.
My first efforts were abyssmal, but, I persisted, using a differnt stamp pad & the results are really great.

I really loved Bernies class "Secrets of the Burnt & Bound", but didn't get to take it, so, again Eliza gave Bevlea & I a lesson.
Normally, I am not 'into' dark, but, absolutely love the results.
I have to say that LOTS of glue was used here, I'm still trying to clean it off my hands!!