Sunday, 22 March 2009

Retreat is over!

The long awaited, highly anticipated & most wonderful Creative Soul Retreat is finished.
I had the most enjoyable, exhilerating & exhausting time of my life.
Bevlea ran the retreat very professionally with Eva & myself as her willing helpers.
Our tutors, DJ Pettit, Stephanie Lee and Bernie Berlin were all AMAZING!!
I was lucky to have Bernie stay at my home and it was a pleasure as she is so easy going & loves doggies(like me). Also, spent time after the retreat with all 3 tutors and they are just so down to earth.
I didn't get a lot of art done at the retreat, but, managed to do a DJ Pettit inspired collage with fabric(alien to me).
Now, its less than 12 months till the next retreat!!!!


drmarty62 said...

Lucy, your collage is beautiful. Glad you got to do some art amongst the very hard work you were doing for all of us.

Jen Crossley said...

Lucy what a beautiful collage you got.Thank you for all your hard work it didnt go un noticed and your cheery welcome when I came in was awesome

Nic Hohn said...

WOW Lucy, what an AWESOME piece. Yes I agree, you made a masterpiece. It was worth waiting for the gel to dry.

Queen Of Toys said...

Lucy love it heaps you have done a fantastic job on your masterpiece and without a sewing machine, now you have tallent.

Great retreat and a brilliant helper you were, thanks for all you have done.

Hugs Eliza

Eva said...

Lucy - it's fabulous - you're one step more than me ... well many steps actually - lol. Love it!

And may I just add ... you were fabulous to work alongside with (as with Bevlea) - what a 'team'!

xox Eva xox

Cathee said...

Love this! it is so peaceful and ancient ...wonderful work..Cathee

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