Friday, 11 March 2011


Last month Bevlea & I took a 3 night break to Lakes Entrance. Looking forward to good weather we took off down the highway with high hopes.
Stopped at Officer for a coffee when it started to rain.
We got back in the car & it rained, no it was not just rain, it was a DELUGE all the way to Lakes.
Went to the Bairnsdale  cemetery so we could take a pic of my husbands parents grave, as he has not been back to the area since his beautiful Dad passed away 9 years ago.
We booked in  to our cabin, had a look around the town & settled in for an arty/sightseeing time.
I don't think I have ever laughed, relaxed, drank so much in a long time.
We did make some art, but, didn't pack enough supplies(something we have under control for our next get away).
We started a canvas, put some texture paste on it, then realized we had no heat gun to dry it.
Well, this didn't stop us, Bevlea put on our little stove/grill and CAREFULLY we 'baked' both canvas's. Mine is pictured here.
We went on a cruise to beautiful Metung where we had lunch. The lakes system is huge & the bird life was AMAZING.
Never seen soooo many black swans, pelicans, etc. etc.
Of course Bevlea took heaps of photos. We also went to the Buchan caves. We did the tour of The Fairy Cave', amazing, though not good if you have a bad back, legs etc. as it was hard going!
I did all the driving, but, every few k's, Bevlea would say 'stop the car!', which I did, and she would jump out and photograph stuff, like old houses, fallen down old sheds,etc  even stopped to photograph 3 cows! I mean to say, has the girl never seen a cow before!!(I will NEVER understand photographers!)
All in all, a fabulous break and can't wait till the next one to Queenscliff.


Svetlana said...

Sounds like you had lots of fun. I wish I could've joined you, some relaxing time would do me a good these days.

Bevlea said...

Just reading reminded me of the fun times we had there and starting me smiling again. Lucky you smoke.. all my 'stop the car' moments fed both our addictions roflmao

Looking forward to Queenscliffe!

Martina2801 said...

Your art is fantastic, Lucy! What a wonderful Blog you have! I am going to sign up to follow your blog and will be back for frequent visits for inspiration! WOW! Best to you