Friday, 1 April 2011


A few weeks ago Bevlea & I got together to make a necklace.

We had purchased the gorgeous bezel from Jen Crossleys Website.
We cut paper to fill it, of course, mine is Paris themed, Bevleas was themed The Royal Progress!

 We were going to fill it with Ice Resin, but, that plan fell through,
so we used Dimensional Magic & some Crackle.
We fiddled & fluffed around, adding chandelier crystals, the lovely sinker
is also from Jens shop & the little chairs that I had bought.
I call them "The Queens Thrones"!!
This is in honour of The Queen of Arts Retreat in 2012.
I am really proud of this necklace, it has hardly left my neck !!


Margaret Weiss said...

Lucy, your necklace is beautiful! Well done to you! Can I put an order in? xx

Jen Crossley said...

Gorgeous necklace Lucy

Barb said...

Ohhh..I have seen THIS and Bevlea's and they are both fantastic!