Friday, 12 August 2011


I found an an Australian online store: www.scrap
They have some great goodies, really good prices, so placed an order on Tuesday.
As I live in Melbourne, thought I may get delivery in 7 plus days.
To my delight it arrived Thursday. No affiliation, just a really good Australian, with delicious goodies & great prices!
Here's a pic of my loot!

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Glenda said...

Yummy looking goodies Lucy. What are "we" doing with them :-)

Hardwick Creations said...

Hey Lucy,
No wonder there weren't any cogs and sprockets left when I went to'd bought them Scrapmatrix is a great shop and the owner Rae is a great lady...she volunteered to make some cogs for me (using her cuttlebug) and was going to send them with my order. It should arrive tomorrow.

Marilyn Harris Mills aka Maer said...

Glad you joined our Mixed Media group Lucy. I've been perusing your blog and you have some mighty fine looking art. It appears that you and your muse have a very good relationship. :) :)

Gaby Bee said...

You did really great shopping. Fabulous stuff:)

Happy creating,