Saturday, 17 July 2010


The three Art Queens, Bevlea, Glenda & myself got together to do another project.
When we arrived at Bevleas home we found that Queen Bevlea had taken a tumble in the bathroom & was sporting a lage 'egg' on her head. But, being the brave Art Queen that she is, she battled on.
We decided to go on further with making projects from Stephanie Lees book.
We used pieces we had already etched & made a necklace & then also, because we had time, made a pair of dangly ear rings.
Love all the creations.
We all had fun , a lovely lunch & lots of laughs.
Wonder what we will do next?


Anonymous said...

Wow... Lucy they are great! YOu are getting so good at your work. Stephanie would be very proud of you! I might have to come and learn from you too! xxmargaret

Glenda said...

Lovely day Lucy. I had a great time with you both, hope Bevleas egg is gone by now.........

Svetlana said...

Gee, Lucy, you are going to end up having PHD degree on Stephanie's book. Great creation, I love your set as well.