Tuesday, 1 June 2010


Pink is a colour I never use, but in honour of the birth of my first Great Grand Daughter, Asya, I decorated a carriage & a canvas for her room.
The carriage will have pictures in the windows and I hope my grand daughter & her husband will like it.
Thoroughly enjoyed the process decorating these, BUT, I may NEVER use pink again!!!


Gretz said...

It's gorgeous! Can't believe u r a GREAT grandmother!!!!

Margaret Weiss said...

Its so cute. I cant beleive you are a great grandmother! Wow, you dont look that old! Well done. Enjoy. xMargaret

Glenda said...

It has turned out fabulous Lucy.
Love the new look blog too.

Creative Sofie said...

Just had a look at your blog, fantastic, even my husband was impressed..Sofie from Scrapmatts.com