Tuesday, 29 June 2010

THE BIG 60!!

My fellow Art Queen Glenda turned the BIG 60 recently.
I decided to make her a silly little present, because once you hit the 60's you can be as silly as you want!
So, I found a papier mache 'G' and painted, stamped & decorated it with a few  funny & silly images from Land Of Nod Studios.
Gave it to Glenda yesterday & she had a giggle.
She especially liked the words on the top(hidden in photo) that read: "This is just the beginning'!


Samantha Marshall said...

Congrats to Glenda. What a cool gift!!!

Glenda said...

It sure is Samantha.
Hey Lucy I logged in to load a pic on my blog and saw your update. hehehehe. Thank you so much you lovely lady. In the rush to get back to work yesterday it spent the night at Evas, but its home now and also going to grace my blog page too.

Nic Hohn said...

what a fabo gift! Great creative thinking and doing Lucy!