Friday, 28 May 2010


Last week Bevlea, Glenda & I got together to start a journal.
We have wanted to do journalling for quite a while & so we decided to make our pages first.
We all just slapped around paint, stamps, moon glows, stencils etc etc... to form the backgrounds.
Bevleas & Glendas look great, mine, on the other hand, look like a 'dogs breakfast'!!
But, I will keep trying, adding to what I have already done and hopefully some words of wisdom!!
Stay tuned!


Samantha Marshall said...

Very interesting and beautiful, Lucy!!

Glenda said...

They are not a dogs breakfast Lucy. They will look absolutely fabulous when we get our wisdom words on them. Must take a pic of mine as they are and load too.

Glenda said...

BTW Lucy, Love the new look Blog.

Jen Crossley said...

Cant wait to see what else you do in this journal