Tuesday, 9 July 2013


After attending 2 of Finnabairs classes, Bevlea & I decided to make a "Finn" style Travel Journal to chronicle the places we have visited on our long weekends away.
Here is mine:

Our first trip was to Lakes Entrance.
We did lots of art, also travelled by boat to the fabulous place that I call HEAVEN, but real name Metung

Bevlea got lots of great pics of birds etc and, even though the weather was not great, we had a FANTASTIC time & then & there decided that we must do a trip every couple of months.
It is sooo nice, being BFF's, talking, arting, drinking, eating, taking photos etc. with not a care in the world.

This pic is of my husbands childhood home in Bairnsdale, though when his parents lived there the gardens were beautiful!
Not so now sadly.


Glenda said...

Great idea to journal your trips sway. Cant wait to see the next trips. hugs GF

Lucy said...

Thank you Glenda!

Bevlea Ross said...

page looks great... I am simpatico with your comments... I love our weekends away.. cant wait for the next one.. :-)

Fozzy said...

Yah, you're still arting! Looks great and you guys must have the best time on your journeys!