Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Another challenge.

On a very hot Monday, Bevlea, Glenda, Elizabeth & I got together to work on another challenge from Kelly Rae Roberts Book, "Taking Flight".
Armed with watercolour paper, paints, pens, coffee, food & under the expert guidance of Bevlea, we all emerged with really great results.
I am calling mine, "Wings Around The World"
We all chose different papers for the backgrounds. I decided on a brown theme. I must remember next time, to decided where I am going to paint my figure & don't put paper joins there!
That being said, I really like the result, and painting faces is something I no longer want to run away from screaming blue murder!


Miss Oddity said...

Lucy you have done a wonderful job! I love the hair feathered around her face.

Viola said...

Just gorgeous! Wonderful piece! :o)

Anonymous said...

What a gorgeous piece of art Lucy. You must be so very proud of the journey you have taken to bring you now to the point of enjoying what you are doing.
Can't wait to see more!

Queen Of Toys said...

Lucy your finished piece looks fantastic, still working on mine. Love how you have used the words.


Glenda said...

Lucy, Awesome piece.
Still working on finishing mine, this weekend hopefully.
I love the words on the wings and how you tied it to the quote or vice versa :-)

Barb said...

Really great work Lucy... you are on a tear...LOL

Barbara said...

Gee wiz Lucy this looks great, how cool is that little gals face. Nice job.

Jen Crossley said...

Looks awesome Lucy I couldnt paint to save myself you really have a talent for this,it looks amazing

Cathee said...

Love her so very much..make more!! Cathee