Thursday, 13 November 2008

I put my name down for a "Matchbox Shrine Pendant" swap, and as the time was getting closer, I had no idea what to do.

Got some ideas from friends, but, didn't realise that matchboxes were soooo small. I dont 'do' small!!!

Anyway, got stuck minto the project yesterday & 1/2 hour later was really pleased with the result.

I used some Golden Paints, added a Paper Whimsy image, some wings, liitle bottle, words & an antique pen nib.

Am thrilled with the result, but, still don't like 'small'!!


The Stamping Queen said...

Your pendant is gorgeous Lucy!!!! I'm with you sister .. I don't do small either *LOL*
~xx Barb xx~

Bevlea said...

absolutely beeeeeutiful Lucy!! (you didnt make a spare did you vbg)

Jen Crossley said...

OH Lucy this is STUNNING wow
You have outdone yourself

Beks said...

As always, your art is fabulous =)

You have been Tagged! If you go to my blog, you can check it out!

Kim said...

Lol - I just popped in through the link on Bek's blog and had to laugh. Everytime I do something that requires fine motor skills - I am reminded 'O right , I don't have any what was I thinking.'
But the matchbox looks perfect - so obviously You do. :p

NessH said...

Lucy this is just stunning...I know we are all our own worst critics...but seriously really are very talented even if u doubt yourself..thanks for sharing

Viola said...

Just gorgeous!!

Tami Roth said...

Wow-LOVE your matchbox, Lucy!! You did an awesome job!