Saturday, 22 November 2008

House Book Covers

Thought I would post pics of my front & back covers for my "In This House" book swap.

My theme is "Architecture".

The front cover shows the architect with plans in his hand.

The Back cover has the words:
"It was not just a house,

Not just four walls & a roof,

It was an edifice,

Built on the foundations of Love"


Barbara said...

I really like all of your houses.

Ev said...

the book collection looks great, I love the quote you have chosen too. I love the smilebox show you have set up too.

grrl+dog said...

Lucy, you have a rich and natural sense of color, and placement. You r pieces are very integrated...I have enjoyed looking at them... I still have to do my houses, but come to your blog often to get inspiration..cheers!