Thursday, 21 August 2008


Our new baby, Otis, has arrived & has made himself at home.
We picked him up from the airport on a cold Saturday night where he looked terrified in his cage. A few tears were shed as he came straight into my arms.
Now a few weeks later, he has settled in and is a bundle of MISCHIEF!!
We have booked him into Obedience training as, at 14 weeks old, he is too old for "Puppy Pre school"!!
He is so beautiful & Oh So Tiny, weighing in at 1.7 kilos!
The only thing that seems to bother him, is the ghastly COLD weather we are having in Melbourne lately.
Potty training has started, updates will follow!!!


Queen Of Toys said...

Oh Lucy he is so beautiful and so small. What fantastic parents he now has, he is one lucky little fella.

Hugs Eliza

Lucy said...

Thank You Eliza, we are enjoying having Otis in our family.

Anonymous said...

Woohoo he's finally here! What a handsome little puppy! I'm sure he's full of love now that he's home with you!
~xx Barb xx~

Eva said...

CUTE AS Lucy ... Otis that is - lol! I'm not really a 'dog' person - but I do like little cute ones and he's definately one of those!
xo Eva ox

Miss Oddity said...

Otis is the man!