Monday, 25 August 2008


Had some time on my hands today, so found a canvas & painted & collaged this creation.

I have called it "WHIMSY".

I used some Golden paints that I have, can't wait to buy some more, they are so easy to use & I just love the colours.

The image is from a paper by Lynne Perella.

Coloured & attached some gauze, a little bird & some Collections letters.

I am really pleased with it, though, as my DH says"you have a warped sense of humour"!
Let me know what you think.


Eva said...

I like it 'well and truly' Lucy ... like it enough to hang it on MY wall! *grin*

Queen Of Toys said...

I love it Lucy and love the colours that you have used they definately compliment each other. Oh Golden Paints are wonderful arn't they?

Hugs Eliza

Keron Lee said...

lovely piece Lucy - I could hardly believe it when I saw that you had 'odd dream' written on your piece - I am working on a journal page at the moment I am titling 'dream keeper'!!! we are totally in sync. hugs x Keron

Dawnie said...

Well this is a BEAUTY Lucy and Im loving the colours and ODD BOD theme. Right up my alley.Great background. You do ODD well my lovely.
Love IT !!!

Bernie Berlin said...

Just checking in on you and visiting your blog!!
Thanks for being so kind as to house me while I'm in Australia:)
Can't wait to meet you!!