Friday, 28 May 2010


Last week Bevlea, Glenda & I got together to start a journal.
We have wanted to do journalling for quite a while & so we decided to make our pages first.
We all just slapped around paint, stamps, moon glows, stencils etc etc... to form the backgrounds.
Bevleas & Glendas look great, mine, on the other hand, look like a 'dogs breakfast'!!
But, I will keep trying, adding to what I have already done and hopefully some words of wisdom!!
Stay tuned!

Wednesday, 19 May 2010


At CSR this year we had a 'Twinchie' swap. The subject was 'All things Leonardo Da Vinci'.
I love all the different little pieces of art, so I glued them to a canvas, and have hung it in my studio, so I can gaze at them whenever I want.
Thank You to all who contributed.


Bevlea & I got together and did some soldering.
We cut some brass & soldered some copper rings cut from some pipe onto the brass.
Now, getting these looking 'just right' is hard work, but lots of fun.

Another day we made some different bezels.
My DH cut & scored them for us, then Bevlea & I folded, and folded, and folded, and managed to make them look somewhat OK.
Then, the soldering began again.
Lots of issues, way too much solder, then trying to burn it of, which was really comical, with solder running everywhere.
A few minor burns, them my torch started shooting out large FLAMES! Managed to turn it off, and have since had it replaced, but, it was a tad SCARY, but so much FUN!!!


Lots of arty happenings this last month.
Eva, Bevlea & I did some etching at Eva's house.
 Eva did all the stamping because she is so PERFECT.
While the metal was simmering away in the solution, we took off to the Dandenongs & did some browsing & ended up at the famouse Miss Marple Tea house.

Saturday, 1 May 2010

STEAMPUNK(sort of!)

 But, I am not very good at it.
I have been working on this piece for a little while, on & off.
I THNK I am happy with it, would love to know what others think.