Monday, 13 September 2010


Three "Art Queens", myself, Bevlea, Glenda, & I got together last Friday for some 'arting'. Unfortunately our other 'Queen',Caro, could not make it.
We had all purchased a few kits at Paperific & firstly we decided to make up an angel kit from Collections.
Looked easy,  there were a few glitches, but, we all finished & liked the results.

We also planned to make up a shadow box kit from Scrapware, but, after lunch we just chatted & chatted and decided to make up the kit at home & show & tell about it next time we meet.
I have to say that I did not find this very easy, but, that could proably be because there were lots of little pieces(I don't like small!) and lots of paint & glue.
But, I did manage to finish it & l really like it.
Will have to see what my fellow 'Art Queens' think of the finished product next time we meet.


Glenda said...

Yeah Lucy, great work, now its only this slack Queen needs to get her act together and finish hers and take a pic of her angel too and do a blog entry.
Oh well tomorrow is another day, been busy the last two nights with Admin stuff for NZ business.

Bevlea said...

very nice lucy... love how they are turning out all different even though we are using the same kit... love your colours