Thursday, 19 August 2010


Inspired by Annette & Sarah, but, with a LOT more to learn, Bevlea, Caro, Glenda & I got together to try & make a cuff.
We etched & etched, laughed & laughed & etched some more. Scrubbed the metal, laughed, ate, scrubbed , laughed some more & decided we would finish up at a later date.
I have been looking at mine for a few weeks & finally decided to finish it off, good or bad.
Sadly, am not up to the high standards of Annette & Sarah, but, am at least pleased that it is finished.
Will see if one of my grand daughters would like to wear it.


Sarah said...

Wow Lucy your cuff is fabulous. I am with you though, learning as play and go along. Wish I was down there to play with all you girls..

Glenda said...

Oh!!!! Lucy its fabulous, good on you for finishing it. I am sure one of your grandies will love it as a gift from you

Bevlea said...

cuff looks great lucy... not sure mine will ever get finished lol.. its not exactly bent round.. bit battered looking lol

Jen Crossley said...

WOW these are wonderful Lucy