Friday, 2 April 2010


A few months ago I made some bezels with the help of Elizabeth aka Queen of Toys.
They turned out to be realively easy to make.
I filled them with some watch bits, a picture of my sisters doggy Mimmie, who recently passed away & some little metal eggs, which Margaret  had shown us a few weeks before this when she came to Melbourne for a short break.
I filled them with Ice Resin(LOVE THIS STUFF!) and think they turned out OK.


Svetlana said...

Well I promissed TLC but I can't keep up with your posts. Looks like that stuff is great; I have to try it out if I manage to smuggle to WA in my lagguage. Great stuff Lucy!!!!

Samantha Marshall said...

I love them!!!They look so good.

Bevlea said...

Love these Lucy.... think thats your next project.. show me how to make a bezel :-)

Queen Of Toys said...
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Margaret Weiss said...

Lucy, they are great! YOur soldering is great and you have made three lovely bezels. THanks for the mention. It was a great day with you Glenda and Eliza.