Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Another challenge.

On a very hot Monday, Bevlea, Glenda, Elizabeth & I got together to work on another challenge from Kelly Rae Roberts Book, "Taking Flight".
Armed with watercolour paper, paints, pens, coffee, food & under the expert guidance of Bevlea, we all emerged with really great results.
I am calling mine, "Wings Around The World"
We all chose different papers for the backgrounds. I decided on a brown theme. I must remember next time, to decided where I am going to paint my figure & don't put paper joins there!
That being said, I really like the result, and painting faces is something I no longer want to run away from screaming blue murder!

Wednesday, 7 January 2009


Today, I received a beautiful Tag Book from my friend Helen.
I was very surprised & totally blown away by this special gift. Helen's work has been described as 'simple yet stunning" and this is so true.

The colours are muted yet striking & all the little 'bits & pieces' go together so well.
I just LOVE this book. Thank you so much Helen.

I am visiting Tasmania in March & Helen has invited me to spend a day with her shopping for supplies, apparently there are some interesting shops in Tassie. I am really looking forward to that!