Friday, 26 December 2008

Christmas & Art!

Well, Christmas is done & dusted for another year.
This year I enjoyed the most stress free Christmas I have had in many years.
Lunch(at restaurant) with family & then afternoon at my brothers home with lots of talk & laughter and the sounds of happy children playing made the day very special.
Now, I am ready to make some ART!!!


Monday, 15 December 2008

Challenge No 3

WOW!!! Did I enjoy this Challenge today. Maybe the reason I loved it so much was that I didn't have to draw & paint a face!!!!
Anyway Bevlea & I were joined this week by Elizabeth,Glenda and Barb(online, as she lives in Wagga Wagga) and attempted another page from Kelly Rae Roberts book 'Taking Flight".
We made the dress & bodice using Fimo,some stamping, painting, Pearlex & added some bling,then baked it in the oven.
Then we painted the canvas background using paints, bubble wrap, tops from glue sticks, charcoal pencils etc. etc.
I am really thrilled with the result.
Would like some feedback(good or bad) PLEASE!!

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

Challenge No 2

Bevlea & I tried our 2nd challenge from Kelly Rae Roberts book 'Taking Flight'. Can't say it was easy, well, actually we really didn't capture the technique much at all. Though, we did have a fun day, laughing at our inabilitiy to follow instructions.
If I was a drinking woman, this would have been the day to just have a few more & a few more & try to forget what we really got together for.
I did however, a day or two later, decide that I wasn't going to be beaten & finished what I had started.
In reality, this painting does not even come close to Kelly's, but, I am proud of myself for soldiering on and not just tossing it in the bin!!!
PS: I am the baby in the photo, with the rather silly bonnet on my head & the coquettish, come hither look!