Monday, 15 December 2008

Challenge No 3

WOW!!! Did I enjoy this Challenge today. Maybe the reason I loved it so much was that I didn't have to draw & paint a face!!!!
Anyway Bevlea & I were joined this week by Elizabeth,Glenda and Barb(online, as she lives in Wagga Wagga) and attempted another page from Kelly Rae Roberts book 'Taking Flight".
We made the dress & bodice using Fimo,some stamping, painting, Pearlex & added some bling,then baked it in the oven.
Then we painted the canvas background using paints, bubble wrap, tops from glue sticks, charcoal pencils etc. etc.
I am really thrilled with the result.
Would like some feedback(good or bad) PLEASE!!


NessH said...

this is just stunning..I absolutely love it..thanks heaps for sharing..I am imagining that this piece would look a thousand times more amazing in the have inspired me to start going thru my Kelly Rae book..thanks for sharing

Lucy said...

Thanks for your comments. I do believe it is even better in real life.
I just love Kellys book, and todays piece was really simple, but the results look amazing(not really bragging!!).
Hugs Lucy

Barb said...

Looks great Lucy... I wish i had of been there with you all...would have been a blast!

Glenda said...

Hey Lucy
It looks great, but sure was stunning in the flesh, now about faces LOL.........Hope yours is ok.
Was a seriously great day. Thanks for sharing it.

Viola said...

Gorgeous work! Love it!!

AztecMichelle said...

Lucy, this is just gorgeous! Love the dark / brown with the blue bits.

Michelle Brown

Queen Of Toys said...


I was there and you are an artist girl, an artist, yes you are..... I do have to say it looks heaps better in the flesh.


Barbara said...

I have the book also Lucy and was just on her blog last night. I also really liked this piece she did and yours looks wonderful. Isn't it fun to try something new and really enjoy the process.

Beckie Holso said...

It's awesome! I truly LOVE it =)

Dawnie said...

I just ADORE this beautiful canvas Lucy GREAT WORK