Saturday, 5 July 2008

Bird Crazy!

I have officially gone "BIRD CRAZY".
Just love making bird inspired art. I am in a Bird swap & have made 2 creations so far, just don't know which one to send! Though, maybe I will have another inspiration & make some new Birdie art!
In the first creation, I used the wrong side of the canvas,so I could make it more 3D. I painted, added a Paper Whimsy image & used German scrap bird house & birds. I also used 2 "Collections" birds & some realistic bird eggs.
The second is a 6" X 6" canvas I painted & collaged. Added some more german scrap birds & some Queen & Co felt fusion that I painted to match.
I am really pleased with the results. Post a comment and let me know what you think.


Viola said...

Both pieces look so gorgeous! Wonderful artwork!! :-)

Queen Of Toys said...


L ove what you have made especially the green layout coz my favourite colour is green apart from purple and gold. You sure are getting good with the painting and the credit card. At least the credit card is being used for other reasons than spending. Keep up the lovely work.

Love Eliza

Eva said...
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Eva said...
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Eva said...

TAKE 3!!! ... sorry - I kept messing up ... *arrrgh* (lol)

Well Lucy ... does telling you "They can both fly over to my home where they will be well loved" - give you any indication of their 'appeal value'!? They're both gorgous ... I am rather more partial the the top one - lol. *hint - hint* *cough - cough* (lol - and not holding my breath!

Eva (Postscript Voyages - Blog)

Bevlea said...

gorgeous Lucy.. very hard to pick a favourite .. hmmm.. so I will have to take both ROFLMAO

Lucy said...

Thanks Viola, Bevlea, Eliza & Eva for your comments. Its always nice to get some feedback.
Hugs Lucy

Mary S said...

Lovely work Lucy! I at a pinch favour the top bueish one but both are awsome!

Lucy said...

Mary, Thanks for your comments. I have now decided that I will send the top creation to my swap partner.
Thanks again,Lucy

Sarah said...

Gorgeous pieces of art. Love your style. You gotta love birds!!! i love both pieces

Lucy said...

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for your comments. Have just been to view your blog, very nice work!! Have now subscribed.
Regards Lucy