Monday, 26 May 2008

More on Misty

Today I went to my friend Bevlea's home where we played around with Misty Mawns techniques.
Bevlea & I attended her class last Friday & then Bevlea went to another class with Misty on Sunday. I was very downcast after my class, 'cos I'm just not a painter, but, today playing with Bevlea and using the techniques she learnt on the Sunday we made a collage.

I am so EXCITED!! I love what we both made. I have named my collage "Playing with Bevlea', very appropriate!

After the many, many classes & workshops I have done over the years, this is only the second time I have ever produced a finished article, and I am RAPT!! (the only other one was little houses with Marg Buhagiar from The Creative Journey)


Queen Of Toys said...


This is for you babe i love what you have created and who said you couldn't do it. Love the title too.

Dawnie said...

This is wonderful Lucy. Great subtle colours and I love the look.
What a super play day with Bevlea.
Super stuff !

Dawnie T

Viola said...

It`s a wonderful piece! So great!