Monday, 28 April 2008

I'm back!!

I am back from my FABULOUS trip!
Ireland was lovely, very green, great people & St Patricks Day(my Daughters 40th Birthday) & shopping was a wonderful experience.
London was busy, old, expensive & it SNOWED!!(The locals thought it very strange that 3 grown women could stand out in the snow laughing!).
Italy was marvellous, great sights, art galleries,shopping, Venice(superb), shopping, Florence (unique) shopping, Rome,(busy),Pompeii (Amazing) shopping etc. etc.
Paris was BEAUTIFUL. Loved every minuute of Paris, people were lovely, Arc De Triumphe, Eiffell Tower, Champs Elysses, Le Louvre etc. etc & of course shopping.
All in all a trip of a lifetime!!!
(Above is a pic of moi at Buckingham palace)


Bevlea said...

Lucy you look like you are having a ball in that pic .. and it looks like you have blue ear muffs on LOL

so glad you enjoyed it and are back home safe and sound

Helen said...

looks and sounds like you had a wonderful trip !! great to see you back working on your blog !

bockel24 said...

Wow, what a trip! Sounds like you´ve had a lot of shopping, LOL ...