Tuesday, 18 October 2011


Today I finished an etched metal covered book that I started AGES ago!
Armed with information & guidance from Jan Harris & Bevlea, I finally know how to bind a book, YEAH!!

I added lots of beads etc to the binding & I LOVE it!
Had problems photographing this, but eventually put it inside an old gramophone horn & it is now presentable. The last one I made, I gave to my friend Barb, but, methinks I may keep this for moi!!

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Monday, 17 October 2011


Second day with Jan saw us exploring with wax. Now, I have never had any luck with wax before, but, except creating a massive mess, but, once again, Jan makes it so easy.
She has endless ways to use wax, even setting it on fire,to blend the wax & colours.
Here is my effort.

Not the greatest pic, but, I had fun & judging by the marvellous art from everyone, I know they learnt so much & had fun too!
I do hope I get to see Jan again, such a lovely person!!!

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A few weeks ago, I attended 2 classes with Jan Harris from the USA.
Jan is a fabulous instructor, with a wealth of knowledge.
Her quiet demeanor immediately makes you feel comfortable, no pressure and raring to learn.
The first day was making two journals. Jan provided the most wonderful supplies, including paper to die for.

Here are mine....

I am so proud, even learnt how to stitch them together properly!!
Please let me know what you think.
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